12 Basic Steps to Total Self-Publishing

Greetings and happy Friday to you lovers of all things reading and writing. During my daily blog scanning I found something I deemed worthy of my first re-blog ever: a step by step guide on how to actually self-publish your own books (as in, not with Amazon or BookWhirl or anyone else, but making them WHOLLY and ENTIRELY by yourself). This post covers not only formatting and editing but getting your own ISBN, barcode, and publishing house name. Yikes, but this stuff is good!  Click on the link below to get to the article, or scroll down to get an excerpt.

12 Basic Steps to Total Self-Publishing.

Here’s the excerpt of Casey Voight’s post (though I HIGHLY recommend going to the MegaphoneSociety blog to read the entire thing):

As many of you know I went the self-publishing route. Full 100% self. It was hard, really hard. I spent a lot of time researching and am basically about to save you a year or more of your time, because I’m nice like that. Here are the 12 basic steps I took for my novel, The Dove: Book One of the Legend. I’m saying basic but each step has a lot that goes into it so just be prepared to put the time and dedication in. This should springboard you towards success. Also note, this was MY experience; everyone will have a different journey and perhaps others will be able to add to this list.

1. Write and copyright your novel.

Writing my novel was not a full-time job, I already had one of those. Instead I wrote on weekends, during my son’s naps, late nights when I couldn’t sleep, so all–in–all it took me 2 years to get it written. Once I finished I wanted to get it copyrighted before I started sending it around to people. You can get this done at the U.S. Copyright Office here. The cost was $35.

2. Ask family and friends to read YOUR novel. Compile edits and remarks until satisfied.

Depending on the person, this took a lot of time. I didn’t have a budget to print a bunch of copies so I would have to wait on one person to read it before I could pass it to the next. If you have the money to print off several copies to pass out you will save yourself some time. I looked into using the Espresso book machine here at the university I worked for and it would have cost me $17 per book to print it off. Looking back I could have cut my time in half for about $40. It would have been worth it. You will notice at this point everyone thinks something different about your book.

Click on the link provided above for the rest of the article.


One comment on “12 Basic Steps to Total Self-Publishing

  1. Thanks for making this you first ever re-blog, I’m honored! I’m a do-it-yourself (because you can) kind of girl so I hope this inspires others to know they can too! Join us over at Megaphonesociety.wordpress.com for more inspiration and support as you need it! Cheers, Casey Voight

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