How do I find the reviews?

A little confused about how to navigate our crazy blog? Then you’re in the right place! Find the directions below that best suit your needs.

I want to read a book right NOW.

Just looking for a good read? Try our Book of the Week page where we post weekly recommendations.

I want to find something based on GENRE.  

Check out the categories on the right-hand column of our blog. Each post is categorized and ridiculously tagged, so you’ll find everything you need there.

I want to find something based on RATING.

Check out our complete list of reviews on the Master Book List page. The title, author, and ratings are all listed on this page for each review.

I want to hear about the LATEST stuff.

Look to the right-hand column for our archives. You can search by month to get to information about the latest and greatest e-books.

I want to READ THE BOOK.

Every review has the book’s cover photo. Just click on the photo, and it should take you directly to the book’s location. The Master Book List also indicates where you can find the books online.

Still confused? Leave a comment or email us at We’ll do our best to keep it real.

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