The Dark Soil of Worm: A review for Worm, a web serial


Courtesy of the author.

The following review starts with a repost from a review that I had posted on Web Fiction Guide on June 25, 2012.

I registered on this site (which I’ve been lurking for awhile) just to review this.

Worm is fascinating in a lot of different ways, but let’s cover the basics first.

The basic premise is an aspiring superheroine who can mind-control various creepy crawlies. Taylor, our protagonist, seems to creep a lot of people out, and with good reason. She can be cunning, ruthless, and unyielding (she’s taken a knife wound to the gut once without flinching). She has shown an uncanny ability to expertly capitalize on the slightest weakness. And, of course, her power involves bugs, what else would you expect?

Still, for all of her strong survivor spirit, she has shown a nobility that transcends her infamy. In a world where the “good guys” constantly makes compromises for their own ends or to protect the status quo, it’s very easy to cheer for Taylor.

Worm is also fascinating for having a rich world environment. Wildbow, the author, has so far demonstrated a genius in developing deep characters with unique powers and/or limitations. Other reviewers have written on this better than I could, so I’ll leave it at that.

The best part about the story, in my opinion, is that the author is not afraid of writing himself into a corner story-wise. The story is interesting because you honestly don’t know for sure how even Taylor is going to react, or how she and her gang are going to survive. Wildbow himself has said that he doesn’t always know—yet, he hasn’t missed a single update.

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At the time of writing, the audience did not know whether or not Taylor would be able to rise above her supervillainess roots. I also tried to make the above review spoiler-free. What follows will not be. In other words:


Taylor has gained the trust of the gang that she has infiltrated, the aptly named Undersiders. However, she was never able to gain the trust of the superheroes. In a startling twist, she is betrayed by one of them, forcing her to abandon her aspirations as a superhero and to become a real member of the Undersider gang.

Meanwhile, she finds out that one of her heists was bankrolled by her mysterious benefactor as a means to distract the heroes while he kidnaps a young girl with prophetic powers. Taylor becomes haunted by this and resolves to do everything in her power to save the girl. But can one girl with such a weak superpower be able to stand up to the mysterious Coil? Can she even survive the constant onslaught of enemies that threaten her and her people?

Notes: Even though, technically, the story features a sixteen year old as the protagonist, the reader should be advised that this story is not a YA story. The story features gruesome violence, gut-wrenching topics, and swear words. In Brockton Bay, everyone is desperate just to survive and even the heroes are less than pure.

The story is about 900,000 words long so far.